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Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are a very intelligent, lively, entertaining cat. They can be very demanding and become totally involved in their owner's life. Siamese do not like to be ignored and always have to be the centre of attention. They usually regard themselves as people rather than cats. You will never be bored if you own a siamese cat. Siamese cats have a strong personality and are usually very talkative, often with a loud voice. The siamese voice is quite legendry and they use it well to communicate with humans. Their meow has been compared to the cries of a human baby. They enjoy being with people and have a great need for human companionship. Siamese cats are sometimes described as extroverts. Often they bond strongly to a single person.
Siamese cats are somewhat rare, though they seemto be making a comeback, as the breed is popular with pet buyers. It should be pointed out that traditional siamese. Purebred cats,descended from the original cats imported from siam. A pointed catthat you find in the shelter, though it may look siamese, is probablynot a traditional siamese cat. Enough purebred siamese cats haveinterbred with domestic cats over the years that the gene which createsthe pointing pattern is found in a large number of cats, and some maylook siamese when in fact they have very little siamese blood in them. The "pointing" gene creates the distinct color pattern thatdistinguishes the siamese breed. This gene is recessive: two pointedparents will always produce pointed kittens. The siamese kitten is pure white at birth - the gene that produces the"points" on the face, paws, and tail is heat sensitive, and the pointcolor gradually develops on the cooler parts of the body. In somebreeding lines, and in warmer climates, the point color may not fullydevelop until the cat is over a year old.
They're inquisitive, intelligent, loyal (almost like a dog) but most of all, they show affection and they're vocal. They talk to you, and you can't help talking back.
They are outgoing extrovert and can be extremely noisy when they really want to make a point. They are also known to be dog-like, and tend to settle best with cats of their own type such as burmese or orientals but being territorial tend to bully less domineering breeds such as the longhairs. The siamese cats are highly intelligent and need to be kept amused. Toys and scratching posts should be provided for their amusement and they can be easily trained to use a cat scratcher. The gene that is responsible for the pigmentation is heat-sensitive so all siamese kittens, although pure cream or white at birth, develop visible points in the first few months of life in colder parts of their body. By the time the kitten is four weeks old the points should be clearly distinguishable enough to recognise which colour they will be.
That's a stereotype that i think must come from the evil siamese duo in the old disney film lady and the tramp. They're very smart, and they're very.
Siamese cats are very active and make a great pet for people that enjoy spending a lot of time with their animals. Siamese cats have a tan base, with various types of point markings. The four major types of siamese are seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate points. Seal points have extremely dark brown points, while blue points have gray extremities. Lilacs have pale gray points and chocolate points are a light brown. The siamese body is generally very long and lean, with a fine thin hair coat. Typically the very long and slim looking siamese has been used for show cats, and the more common siamese with rounder face and body is what we know today. You may have seen pictures of siamese cats that have crossed eyes, and while this was a trait previously in many of the cats, today it is not as common, and considered a flaw by many breeders. Kinked tails are also a less common trait that doesn't appear much today if you buy from a breeder.
The traditional siamese cat is apple headed and has a robust, compact body, while the modern siamese cat has a more triangular shaped head and has a lithe and slender body. Physical attributes of the siamese cats. This breed of cat is the most popular of all the short haired cats, and is made distinctive by its long, slender body and triangular face. They also tend to have blue eyes and an unusual coat pattern. Their coat tends to become lighter around their neck and body but then darkens on the points of the cat, which are the ears, face, paws and tail. When siamese cats are born, they are only black and white. As they grow older, their coat color changes into the dark and light regions. Most siamese cats are usually black due to a specific gene, and only the points appear in a different color.
Siamese cats are wonderful creatures with bags of character and really sociable, loving personalities. These cats make delightful pets that are loyal and devoted and they will also chatter away to anyone that will listen. - siamese cats are known for being very social and loving. They crave affection and love being around other animals as well as people. - siamese cats can be jealous from time to time if they aren't given the attention they crave.
Siamese cats are not meant to weigh only 5 pounds at maturity. I do not own and will never own (never mind ever breed. ) any of these grotesque, bat-eared, anorexic, outer space/alien looking , caricatures of siamese cats, which some cat registration/show organizations still claim are the authentic siamese. Not to mention the health problems and shortened longevity many of the modern show cat/wedgeheads frequently have. The exotically beautiful, intelligent, loving, playful, vocal, and, yes, sometimes even a bit demanding (i would prefer to say that traditional siamese cats and classic siamese cats have their own opinion on how they want their siamese world to be. Traditional applehead and classic type siamese cats need to be preserved, and not changed to suit the whims of relatively few breeders who think siamese should look and behave differently than they did in their native homeland, siam, before their introduction to the west in the late 1800's.
Siamese cats are the most beautiful, intelligent natural breed of cat, in my eyes. " from their short-haired, muscular, lean, tubular bodies, to their wedge-shaped head with big low set ears and navy blue, almond-shaped eyes, siamese cats are very unique and exotic to say the least. " you don't see a cat like a cfa siamese cat every day. " i have heard: "what is that?" or "is that a cat or dog?" and "would you like a treat for your dog?"" no, thanks. " they are not a cat that sits on your couch all day long. " they are active and demand love, time and attention.
Siamese cats are discussed including the breeding history and adoption into the royal family in siam along with the color, shape and markings of the feline.
Siamese cats are among the oldest recognized breeds in the world and are informally considered the "royal cats of siam," now thailand. Siamese cats first appeared outside their native land in 1884, when the british consul-general of siam returned to his native england with a breeding pair. By the 1950s, they were the darlings of cat shows across the western hemisphere, and generation after generation of selective breeding contributed to the familiar elongated form of the modern siamese cat. Siamese cat breeders expect healthy adult males to weigh between 9 and 14 pounds. Female adults average 6 to 10 pounds.
Siamese cats are sometimes cross eyed.
Siamese cats are a very popular breed because they are extremely intelligent and sociable felines. â  in fact, when you get a siamese cat, it's almost like you're getting both a cat. There are many cat names throughout this site that would be an excellent choice for your siamese cat. â  in this list of siamese cat names, we've listed names of asian origin including thai words (siam, now Thailand, is where the breed originated) such as “boon” which means “merit”, noi which means “little” and dara which means “celebrity”.
Siamese cats are all beautiful and there's no best or worst. It's all a matter of individual preference. My particular favorite is the old-style siamese because this is the type of cat that i grew up with.
Siamese cats are among the most beautiful and beguiling cats in the world. Their brilliant blue eyes and muted cream and brown fur are stunning.
I have five of these adorable fun-loving cats, two beautiful males and three delightful siamese girls. The siamese cat is known as the eternal kitten - the cat that never grows up. They are very intelligent, and very loyal. They will bond with just one person, and often do not like strangers. The siamese cat is very loud, vocal and talkative. They all have individual personalities.

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