Saturday, May 8, 2010


Are dogs carnivorous or omnivorous ? The Encyclopedia Britannica states that dogs are indeed omnivorous, but there seems to be plenty on of debate about this. ( I`d love to hear your insights about this in the comments field.)
Anden Moore, author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book ( Storey, 2006 ), also states thatdogs are omnivores, and that they like a little variety on their diet and know the value of adding some green to the menu. Hello, grass.
Moore says that while some dogs eat grass and throw out afterward, some frequently do it and don`t throw up. They may simply like the taste and feel the need to add some roughage to their meals. This pertains more to those dogs that actually chew and swallow the grass blades thoroughly.
Grass can also act as a beautiful aid for dogs with upset stomachs who need to purge their systems. In that case, you might notice that they seem to amost gobble the grass without really chewing the blades. The prickly little staiks irritate their stomach linings and cause them to vomit. If this occurs only occasionally, let nature take it course. But if your dog is vomiting daily and not eating well, please consult your veternarian. There may be an underlying medical reason behind this behavior.
Grass is fine for dogs when it is free of pesticides, lawn chemicial, or other harmful subtances.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Can You Love Animals and Love People?

We're accused of caring for animals at the expense of caring for people, because our passion for animal issues allegedly detracts from all of the humans in need. But choosing to spend a Hallmark Holiday with your loyal nonhuman companion instead of your spouse isn't the same as turning your back on your own species.

Here are seven reasons why animal welfare is human welfare:

1) Animal abuse is never just animal abuse. It's an early indicator of child abuse, domestic violence, and other sociopathic behaviors. Not only is animal abuse a warning sign, but it's often directly used to threaten or intimidate a person, such as pets who are harmed as a form of psychological abuse in domestic violence situations.

2) Factory farming is a major contributor to climate change. Animal agriculture is responsible for as much as 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. A significant reduction in animal consumption and better conditions for the remaining farm animals will have a huge impact in stabilizing the climate, which (in case you missed it) affects the future of human civilization as we know it.

3) Animal testing is outdated. The sooner the scientific community stops re-creating ineffective, inhumane animal tests and starts investing in non-animal research methods, the sooner we'll have human-relevant results.

4) Pet owners are major players in the economy. A $45 billion industry is a big slice of the economy, and it's one that keeps growing. That means job security and community development. Pet consumers also have the purchase power to have a positive influence on the market, such as helping drive a green economy.

5) Protecting wildlife is protecting the planet. There's a certain balance to the world we inhabit, where predators and prey keep each other's population in balance, and natural areas (a.k.a. habitats) keep global warming and other natural disasters at bay. As we drive species to extinction, we lose a piece of what makes the world inhabitable for humans.

6) Animals are an important part of your community. Love 'em or hate 'em, your community is full of animals. Irresponsible pet owners are a drain on municipal budgets through animal control and a threat to public health with disease and dog bite risks. Ineffective laws, such as breed specific legislation, are costly to the community, in terms of both public health risks and finances. It's also expensive to care for animals in shelters. So, the advocates that push for responsible pet ownership and animal adoption are making your community a better place to live.

7) Animals make people happy. Companion animals have been proven to reduce stress and relieve depression. The role that pets play in happiness is more than just a matter of mood; it's about quality of life. Domestic violence victims will delay seeking help for fear of putting their pets in danger. When natural disaster strikes, restoring animals is a major step toward restoring lives, whether you're in New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina survivors needed the emotional support of their pets after losing their homes, or you're in Haiti, where earthquake victims rely on livestock for food and income.

Less Common Green Creatures

Red-Eye Tree Frog .
Groovy Green creatures :
Have you ever seen red eyes and orange toes frog ? If one of these nocturnal frogs is awakened during the day by the predator, the eyes boing open and the feet boing out of the predator is startled just long enough for the-as-lightening frog to boing right out reach .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Variaties of Cats

Cats are cats, right?Cat do mostly look like the same but if you are choosing one for your pet, you should be aware that they do come.variations.Cool

The most ovious difference between cats is the length of their fur . The long haired cats do look soft and cuddly but if you do not like brushing and bathing cats, you will end with very sorry looking bundle of mats.

The extremely long haird varieties like the Persians are a lot of work and if you get a pure breed you need to look at hereditary problems.Sometimes they have breathing difficulities because of the shape of their faces .You will need to spend hours grooming them,too.

If you like the look of the long haired cats but do not want to spend as much time grooming them,you could get a medium length coated cats.Some cross breed cat have long hair in the winter and the short hair in the summer. They moult the long hair so you only need to brush them alot during the moulting seasons.Usually this in spring and autumm.

The short haired cats look sleeker and more streamlined. They are also easier to groom. You only have to give them a quick brush just over to catch any loose hair, before it ends up on the furniture.

The size and the body types of cats can vary from the sleek Oriental to the larger Maine Coons. some of the long haired breeds look larger than they are because of all the hair. Cats are generally aloof to strangers but they are variations in the breeds with personality as with size and hair types. The Orientals tend to be quite demanding at times and can be disconcerting with their distinctive yowl, to anyone unaccustomed to their ways. They are also the most loyal and love able cats, towards their owners, especially.

Rag dolls are very placid, laid back cats that will sit in your lap as long as you can put up with them. They are true indoor cats that can be playful but are usually sprawled out on a lap.

The short haired domestic cat is the most common type of cats. They are quite friendly, when they choose to be. They are inteligent and usually quite active. They have very few health problems and are easy to groom. They make great companions and take little effort to care for.

So, when looking for a cat you need to decide how much time you have for their coat, which shape appeals to you most and how time your cat will spend sleeping and playing with you.