Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Made recipes for Your Cats

**Quick tip**

If your cat is a little smelly and you don't have time to wash her,
brush some baking soda into her fur. It's harmless and will have
her smelling like roses in no time at all.

Here is a simple recipe that will help you avoid such things!
Simple natural ingredients that will keep your cat healthy and happy.

Here's a simple cookie recipe that will keep for ages without being
frozen. You can feed it as a treat or part of a main meal... your
cat will purr like crazy whenever she hears the cookie jar open!


1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp catnip
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup powdered milk
2 tbl butter or vegetable oil
1/4 cup Soy flour
1 egg
2 tbl Wheat germ
1 tbl Unsulfured molasses

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix dry ingredients together. Add molasses, egg, oil and milk. Roll
out flat onto oiled cookie sheet and cut into small, cat bite-sized
Bake for 20 minutes and let cool. Store the cookies in a sealed

Tghis will amke your cats love and keep on asking and asking...They love it... Beautiful Sweets Cats Organic Cookies, 64 Cookies

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Frog Species Discovered in India

A new species of frog has been discovered by S.D. Biju of Delhi University, Franky Bossuyt, Yogesh Shouche, Alain Dubois, and S. Dutta. It lives in a very small area at the summit of Anamudi, which is the highest peak in India’s Western Ghats mountain range.  (Anamundi, which means elephant’s forehead, has an elevation of over 8,800 feet.)
The species was noted for having many glands, and short limbs. Its scientific name is Raorchestes resplendens. The first name is an homage to Professor Rao for his contributions to the study of amphibians in India. A female was found with eggs buried deeply in bamboo clumps. Later some of the eggs were observed hatching in a lab. Because the species is limited to such a small range, there is an immediate need for a conservation strategy. Ironically, some species are discovered for the first time, and yet are already near extinction due to various factors such as climate change.
Researchers Biju and Bossuyt have previously discovered new frog species in the Western Ghats, which is a rugged, lush region known for its biodiversity. Last year it was reported they had discovered twelve new species. Their discoveries are underscoring the need for conservation of the Western Ghats and its wildlife.(  by Jake Richardson )Grow A Frog

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Homemade Cat Food Versus Commercial Cat Food by Alice pizae

The discussion is not new but we still need to be very concerned regarding the cat nutrition we provide to our dear cat. I have been using homemade cat food recipes provided by Frank Temple Brown who has been all these years doing a good lot of teaching people to use homemade cat treats which can also be terms as natural cat food. A homemade cat food not only gives a cat a shiny coat from the fats but gives more energy your cat needs. With the recent onslaught of pet food recalls and the number of cats that died from kidney failure as a result, it is no wonder that a pet owner would consider creating a homemade cat food for his or her feline friend. There are many things to consider before you pull out the pots and pans, and a thorough comparison of homemade cat food versus store bought food is required. Maybe you've been cooking your pet's dinner for a long time. Maybe you're new to making homemade cat treats. In either case, you can never have too many homemade cat food recipes in your recipe book! Our pets love and need variety. Cats love to eat more than one thing. It's just tastier that way, but it's also more nutritious homemade cat food. You never want to feed the same homemade natural cat food everyday because you may inadvertently cause an imbalance in your cat's diet. The best homemade cat treats are comprised of many easy to make homemade cat food recipes. You can make extras and freeze them for a future use. Many of your cat nutrition meal can utilize food you might be making for yourself. Always think ahead and save portions of your meal (such as plain cooked chicken, steamed vegetables, etc) to incorporate into your cat's dinner. Many cats become junk food addicts on commercial pet food, especially if they've been eating it a long time. Just like it's hard to give up our doughnuts, ice cream, and Fettuccine Alfredo for healthier fare, sometimes it is hard for a cat to give up its fatty carbohydrate diet. But, transitioning to a healthy homemade natural cat food doesn't have to be difficult. We know that the homemade low protein cat food is better and healthier for the cat but the pet food industry has perfected the art of making commercial pet foods tasty to a cat. Did you know that dry pet food is sprayed with animal digest, or the stuff that comes out of a dead animal's stomach, to make the kibble palatable? Greasy oils and fats are also added. Every cat can be transitioned to a healthy homemade nutritious cat food fairly easily if you give it time to try new pet foods and slowly incorporate them into the diet. Give lots of fresh snacks and small additions into its meals before switching over 100%. Lastly, remember to bring variety to your cat's healthy homemade nutritious cat food by using different proteins to keep it balanced. If you've been wondering what kind of cat nutrition diet is the right one for your individual cat, then you should certainly consider the health benefits that come from feeding a nutritious homemade cat food. There are literally a ton of great reasons why a nutritious homemade cat food is the best one for the average cat.Paw Naturaw Organic Turkey Formula for Cats and Dogs, 80-Ounce Bags (Pack of 5)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Pets Raise Spirits and Improve Health by Ann Pietrangelo

Pets are good for you.
Most people who have a pet don’t need scientific proof. Their own experiences are enough to confirm that the bond between humans and pets is enormously beneficial to physical and emotional health. The unconditional affection of a pet calms, soothes, and enhances the feeling of well-being.
Here I was, just beginning to draft an article about the health benefits of pets, when a Facebook friend posted the following message. “Hey, FB Friends: I want another dog and my family says ‘no’ because I have MS. What do you think? I want a new rescue dog.”
Having multiple sclerosis (MS) myself, I understand the desire for the kind of companionship that only a pet can give. Her family is probably concerned about the commitment it takes to properly care for a pet, and understandably so. Choosing the right pet for your personal circumstances requires planning, but you are likely to get quite a return for your efforts.
The non-profit Delta Society reports that 63 percent of all households in the U.S. have pets; 39 percent of all households have at least one dog and 34 percent have at least one cat. The benefits of having a pet include:
  • For Children: Children can learn valuable lessons in responsibility; caring for other living beings improves self-esteem. The unconditional love creates a bond that will be treasured for a lifetime. Pets also encourage children to engage in physical activity. An Australian study indicates dog ownership may help fight childhood obesity. Researchers found that children five to six years old were 50 percent less likely to be overweight if they had a dog. This benefit was present even if those children did not regularly walk the dog and regardless of economic status of the household.
  • For Adults: Busy work schedules need to be balanced with play. Spending time with a pet can lower anxiety and stress levels. For people who are shy or have trouble making friends, having a pet breaks social barriers and feelings of isolation. And it’s fairly difficult to stay in a bad mood when your pet looks up at you with those big, loving eyes, or takes to your lap.
  • For Seniors: Studies show that older people with dogs visit the doctor less often with minor health issues and have lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol than non-pet owners. Seniors are advised to have pets that are easily managed. Many nursing homes have visiting pet programs that have been shown to have a tremendous impact on human lives.
Therapy animals are trained to provide companionship to people who are trying to overcome depression and loneliness, among other things. That says a lot about the human-animal connection. And let’s not forget the hard-working and dedicated service animals who are trained to assist people with disabilities. Although these animals are not generally considered pets, the bond between people and their service animals is profound.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that benefits to owning a pet include decreases in:
and increases in:
Years ago, when my husband and I found ourselves in a too tidy and too quiet home, we decided to inject a little life into things. A dog wasn’t quite right for our lifestyle, so off to the animal shelter we went in search of a cat. We found one… make that two. The brother-sister duo we named Smokey and Bandit did exactly what we hoped they would — they added chaos and noise and laughs and cuddles. Just what the doctor ordered.
Bandit has since left this world, but Smokey hasn’t let up in her duties. To this day, when MS symptoms get the best of me, she snuggles up when I need her most. I can’t tell you, scientifically speaking, how that affects my health. I can tell you that she lifts my spirits and helps me put aside my troubles. That’s enough for me.
As for my Facebook friend, I hope she works things out with her family; I hope they volunteer to help her care for the dog when MS gets the upper hand; I hope she gets her rescue dog. When it comes to people and pets, sometimes they rescue each other.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alternative Medicine For Pets - Acupuncture As a Viable Option For Cats Or Dogs

Acupuncture is one of the world's oldest forms of alternative medicine, one that has been used successfully for thousands of years. Long before we had modern medicines and surgical techniques, ancient people were using acupuncture to treat all kinds of ailments, both physical and mental. It should not seem out of the ordinary then, that if you are looking for an alternative medicine for pets you should look to acupuncture.
In the human world, there are many reasons why people choose acupuncture. In some cases, it is to deal with psychological issues, such as breaking addictions or habits. Over the past fifty years, millions of people have stopped bad behavior such as drinking or smoking through the use of acupuncture. So, would it be out of the question that you could stop some of your pet's bad behaviors in the same, time-tested way? If you pride yourself on using natural pet products and treatments, then you might want to consider acupuncture as an alternative medicine for pets whether cat, dog, equine or porcine.
If your pet, however, is dealing with pain issues such is found in many older dogs and cats, you might want to search out natural pet practitioners who can perform acupuncture on your animal. It is a painless procedure, and one that has proven successful for many animal owners.
When you are looking for acupuncture therapists in your area, keep in mind that there are some that specialize only in pet acupuncture. Animals have different nerve structure so you want someone who is certified in animal acupuncture. They deal with animals all the time and are practiced at making sure your animal gets the best out of the treatment. You can search for these vets at which is The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.
Many veterinarians will not approve or suggest acupuncture, because they do not believe in alternative medicine whether for humans or for animals. But, the truth is that this alternative medicine for pets has been around a lot longer than anything they are performing or selling, and has worked for centuries.
If your animal is having either behavioral or physical problems, before you send them into surgery or force pills down their throat, you might want to think about trying out this type of alternative therapy. Acupuncture for dogs and cats does work and is a lot easier on their system than medications or surgical procedures would be. By Keith Rieger

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Animal portraits

In general, art of animals is not exactly a respected art form. Animal portraits, in fact, are looked down upon. When most people think about an animal portrait, they picture those dogs playing poker. They are widely known as the most iconic cheese ball art in the world today. Nonetheless, getting a portrait of your animal can be a very touching thing for some people. Although an animal portrait is not for every pet owner, In might just be for you.

I have to confess that I did not set out to be an animal portrait painter. Although I have always enjoyed drawing and painting animals, my aims were originally more artistic. However, animal portraits allow me to make ends meet, paying my bill well practicing my arts. For an artist, there is no greater goal. It is true that not every animal portrait that I paint is a masterpiece, because not every animal portrait that I paint is something that I want to paint. Nonetheless, in general I really enjoyed painting animal portraits. Animals have so much life and such expression.

Something that many people don't see is how much life there is behind the eyes of your average pet. This is what I try to capture in animal portraits. Often, people think of their pet animals – although they are beloved pets – as little more than objects of affection. Few people think of animals as people, and some people don't even think of them as quite alive. These are the misconceptions that I try to cure with my animal portraits. Animal pictures, and pictures in general, have a certain power to them. Even photography can really capture the imagination and make you see the humanity in eyes that you have never looked at closely before. That is the beauty of animal portraits.

I would go as far as saying that making a good animal portrait is more difficult than making a good oil painting of a person. You see, people have so many expectations when they look at animal portraits, and most of them are negative. Unless you can do something that really stands out and strikes them, they will see your animal portraits as clich├ęd, boring, and dull. In order for them to look exciting, they have to really sparkle. That is my goal – to make animal portraits that sparkle. If I can do that, I can do anything with my art.  Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Book & CD (Read Along Book & CD)

Cow Milk & Soy Milk , which one the better ?

Many people are turning to soy milk because of allergy to lactose, which is the main carbohydrate in milk. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the milk?
Lactose, the primary carbohydrate in cow's milk can cause digestive problems in some people. People who are intolerant (no tolerance) to lactose by a deficiency of the enzyme lactose, which is needed to digest lactose.
This makes people with an intolerance for gas production, bloating and diarrhea after eating some form of dairy cows.
Soy milk is a substitute for people allergic to cow's milk. Technically, the soy milk in the milk than cow milk, but juice made from soy. Soy milk is also popular with vegetarians, because the basic material of plant origin.
Today there are more people consciously choose soy milk instead of cow's milk for health benefits it offers. But the benefits of soy is still a debate, but it is generally accepted that a large number of compounds containing soy milk are very healthy.
The debate over soy milk and cow's milk
The major difference between soymilk and cow's milk is the source, ie plants and animals.
As mentioned Steady Health Friday (14/05/2010), one cup soy milk is not enhanced (still pure, and yet they are enriched) contains about 7 grams protein, 4 g carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of fat and contain no cholesterol.
Although soy milk contain vitamin B, but this milk is not a source of vitamin B12 and not provide a significant intake of calcium.
Since soy milk instead of cow's milk producers have offered versions of soy milk that is fortified with calcium with vitamin E and B12, vitamin D and other nutrients.
While milk provides carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. Any cow milk contains 8 grams of protein and 12 grams of carbs per cup. There is also a rich source of other nutrients.
A cup of cow's milk has 30 percent of daily calcium needs of adults and about 50 percent of vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Often fortified with vitamin D for calcium absorption to facilitate, and also of vitamin A. Thus cows considered a complete food.
The advantage of Dairy Milk Cow
Dairy cows experience the process of pasteurization, this is a process in which milk is heated, kills bacteria, enzymes and proteins are not profitable.
Cows' milk is rich in enzymes and contains basically the 22 essential amino acids, including phosphate, which is essential for calcium absorption.
tunban raw milk has many health benefits and is the best source of calcium.
Milk is a source of vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is an important vitamin that is hard to find sources of non-meat. And it also contains enzymes IgG (Immunoglobulin), vitamins A, B and C.
The study also shows that the milk of dairy cows also make enzymes and antibodies to milk less susceptible to bacteria. Lipase is also present, the digestion of fats easier.
Another advantage is that milk CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) or contain conjugated linoleic acid, which is observed in the fight against cancer.
The benefits of soy milk
The benefits of soy milk, is undeniable. However, there was a lot of people who care about the proportion of soy milk with cow's milk measured.
Soy is rich in protein, and because it is made from peanuts also contain more fiber than cow's milk.
The biggest advantage is the isoflavones in soy milk. These are chemicals that resemble the hormone estrogen. Isoflavones related to health and is responsible for the prevention of various cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and many other diseases.
Soy milk. Soy milk is 2 percent less fat than cow milk, but contains no cholesterol.
Because soy milk with peanuts, milk contains about 9 times less saturated fat than cow milk. In addition to the soy milk is 10 times more fatty acids than cow's milk, which is a healthy fat.
cholesterol-free soy milk. Moreover, lowering LDL cholesterol soy Kyi, while the rates to increase the milk cow of LDL cholesterol. Soy milk offers extra protection for the liver with phytochemicals, abundant in soy milk.
Soy contains four times the amount of thiamin (vitamin B1) and almost double the amount of niacin (vitamin B3) compared to cow's milk. Soy milk contains more magnesium, copper and manganese in milk.
Soymilk also contains 42 times the amount of manganese and cow's milk. Manganese is necessary for bone formation. People with anemia requires manganese for iron storage.
Research has shown that men who drank two glasses of soy milk a day 70 percent less prostate cancer. There is no similar conclusions about people who drink cow's milk.
Weaknesses soymilk
The major drawback is the lack of soy milk contain calcium, which is only about one fourth of calcium from dairy cows. Many manufacturers of soy milk to add calcium to their products but studies show that it is not as healthy as natural calcium.
The nine key amino acids in the protein are necessary for life, cow and soy milk contain nearly identical amounts.
Grams of milk, the fifth amino acid is more important than soymilk. As one of the nine essential amino acids methionine, can be a triumph for lovers of cows. Cow's milk contains twice as much soy milk instead of methionine.
Soy contains riboflavin, about 60 percent lower than milk from cows. Riboflavin is an essential vitamin, but also in some cereals, nutritional yeast, green vegetables, beans and wheat. Therefore, instead of cow's milk for riboflavin resources needed for the people who eat a balanced diet.
Women who have breast cancer may need to increase the consumption of soy protein to reduce, as several studies have examined the possible dangers of a too high intake of soy highlighted.
Another study published in the journal Human Reproduction, shows that 41 million fewer sperm per milliliter of semen after eating a serving of soy-containing foods every two days.
But keep in mind, the two types of milk that is not administered to infants younger than one year. Breast milk is the food and beverages for babies, because all sources of nutrients needed for growth and development is included in breast milk.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Does Your Cat Eat Strange Things?

My catTony likes to eat tortilla chips–a little strange, but not nearly as odd as her taste for tape, preferably of the scotch or packing variety. Old Serena loved broccoli…but not as much as she loved licking photographs. I’ve yet to meet a cat that wasn’t a little quirky, but eating tape and photographs? Although I attributed these habits to the animal-based ingredients used to make the tape’s glue and the gelatin in developing photos–I also had a nagging suspicion that I might be justifying some obsessive behavior in my pets. Although I think it’s amusing in that special kitty kind of way I have to wonder: is it normal for cats to eat strange things?

As it turns out, just like humans can manifest a disorder called pica (whereby non-nutritive items like dirt and clay are eaten) so do cats. And it can be pretty common in our feline friends.

In addition to tape and photographs, there is an abundance of other odd items that many a cat find irresistible: shoelaces, paper, plastic grocery bags, houseplants, shower curtains, even electrical cords. Yikes. And I am sure there is a whole of host of other strange things that cats find appealing to the palate. But why? Often times it’s nothing to worry about, but it turns out that pica has been associated with a number of diseases including feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus–a veterinarian should examine any cat with unusual eating habits. Here’s what a vet will look at when presented with a cat pica case:

Dietary deficiencies. Some cats will eat their cat litter if they’re anemic. This makes sense, as in the case of human pica the cause is quite often a mineral deficiency.

Medical problems. Cat pica is also associated with feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, or it may be triggered by conditions like diabetes or brain tumors.

Genetic predisposition. For some cats, pica might just be in their genes. For example, wool sucking, sometimes a precursor to pica, is seen more frequently in Siamese and Birman cats (More on wool below.)

Environmental factors. Is the cat bored or seeking attention? Maybe he needs more mental or physical stimulation. Behavioral reasons for pica can include boredom, attention-seeking, attractive scents, hunger, and learned behavior

Compulsive disorder. Once other possibilities are ruled out, some pet behavioralists start to look into the possibility of compulsive disorder.

A related behavior that is often seen in cats is the desire to suck on wool–and although this is often lumped together under the umbrella of cat pica, it seems to me to be of a slightly different nature. Nursing on wool seems more of a nursing behavior similar to kneading. To back me up, Arnold Plotnick MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP of Manhattan Cat Specialists says that “Wool-sucking is a commonly described abnormal ingestive behavior in cats. Wool-sucking, however, is a compulsive, misdirected form of nursing behavior and technically should be distinguished from true cases of pica.” He continues that “the younger a cat is weaned, the stronger its drive to nurse, and the more likely the cat is to suck on wool–or its owner’s arms, earlobes, or hair. Although some cats may only suck on such fuzzy items as wool, fleece, and stuffed animals, others progress to actually eating these fabrics.

Treatment. Treatment is really just a matter of deterring. It’s important to determine if there is an underlying cause to your cat’s preference for eating non-food items. After your cat’s good health has been established, try these tricks to help keep your feline from getting into trouble by ingesting potentially dangerous items.

* Remember to keep no-no items like plastic, tape, clothing, blankets, houseplants and electric cords out of the reach of your cat.

* Provide alternative items to chew or eat–Food-dispensing toys, tough cat toys, or pieces of rawhide can be used to redirect your cat’s chewing behavior to more appropriate and safe items.

* For cats that snack on houseplants, fill small flowerpots with grass or catnip as an alternative. And did you know that birdfeed can be used as a safe source of plant seed?

* Provide structured play. Many cats chew on household items out of boredom. Offer interactive toys and dedicate some time each day to play with your cat.

* It may help to boost the fiber in your cat’s diet. In addition to adding more dietary fiber, high fiber foods usually contain fewer calories. Your kitty may be able to satisfy his craving to eat more while still maintaining his weight. (Talk to your veterinarian before making any changes to your cat’s diet.)

Does your cat eat strange things? I recently wrote about why cats leave “gifts” and the comments were fascinating. I expected tales of small trophies–but socks from the neighbor’s house and live opossums? Wow. I bet you have great stories about your cat’s odd (or not so odd) eating habits. Leave a comment below and tell us what strange things your cat likes to eat.Traveling With Your Pet, 12th Edition: The AAA Petbook

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Cats Play With Water ?

In spite of their reputation for tolerating only dry land, many cats are actually water lovers. Some like to play in standing water, whereas others are fascinated by running water and perfer to drink from a faucet. In The Cat Behavior Answer Book (Storey, 2007), pet writer Arden Moore writes that there are many theories as well as urban legends about this behavior, but no one knows for sure. This attraction to running water may reflect an adaptive behavior from a wild past. Perhaps because running water has fewer contaminates, many wild animals prefer to drink from streams rather than ponds.
Water bowl splashing could also be attributed to the need to test the water to make sure it’s safe. The paw pad represents one of the most sensitive areas of a cat’s body. A cat may scoop water with her paw to check for possible “dangers” in the water or to test the temperature. Cats’ long distance eyesight is superb and they see anything moving easily, but their close-up vision is somewhat weak. They rely on their noses to sample food and paws to test water. And they may be partaking in a little fun and enjoyment seeing the mini-ripples their paws create in the bowl.
Make sure that you provide your cat with fresh water every day, even if she makes a mess. Offer her more than one bowl in your home. If you don’t mind her perching on a bathroom sink, leave one with a few inches of water for her to play in during the day. You might consider an inexpensive automatic water dispenser that trickles water continuously. Many cats find them irresistible. These are readily available at pet supply stores and through catalogs.
Another idea is to take a one-gallon plastic jug and cut a hole about two inches from the bottom. Make the hole just a bit bigger than your cat’s head (don’t forget to allow for her whiskers) so that she can reach in for a drink but can’t splash too much water on the floor. If she pushes the jug around, you can attach it to a wall.
Does you cat play with water? Does he splash in his bowl or drink from the faucet? Share your cat’s water tales with us in the comment field below.
Happy “What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day!” Yes, it’s true–a holiday that is both a question and a celebration! This particular question/holiday is the creation of Thomas and Ruth Roy, under the name of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs and brings to mind any number of ways to celebrate your companion pets. But mostly it’s a day to sit back and ponder the age-old question: what if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs?!
Some animals other than humans do have opposable thumbs. Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans have opposable thumbs. Many of these primates also have toes on their feet that perform like an opposable thumb; these “opposable toes” are used in climbing trees. Opossums have toes on their hind feet that help them grip branches and climb, while giant pandas have a bony portion of their wrist bone that they use like an opposable thumb to grasp bamboo when they eat. Polydactyl cats and dogs, those with more than the usual four toes, may exhibit extra dexterity, but they don’t truly have opposable digits.
Nonetheless, we’ve heard of a cat who can turn door knobs and a dog who can change the remote control–imagine what one of these handy pets could do with the addition of an opposable thumb? We know that Care2 members have especially extraordinary pets, and we want to know what special tricks your companions can perform. And tell us what you think they could achieve if they really did have opposable thumbs?!
2. What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

Happy “What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day!” Yes, it’s true–a holiday that is both a question and a celebration! This particular question/holiday is the creation of Thomas and Ruth Roy, under the name of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs and brings to mind any number of ways to celebrate your companion pets. But mostly it’s a day to sit back and ponder the age-old question: what if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs?!
Some animals other than humans do have opposable thumbs. Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans have opposable thumbs. Many of these primates also have toes on their feet that perform like an opposable thumb; these “opposable toes” are used in climbing trees. Opossums have toes on their hind feet that help them grip branches and climb, while giant pandas have a bony portion of their wrist bone that they use like an opposable thumb to grasp bamboo when they eat. Polydactyl cats and dogs, those with more than the usual four toes, may exhibit extra dexterity, but they don’t truly have opposable digits.
Nonetheless, we’ve heard of a cat who can turn door knobs and a dog who can change the remote control–imagine what one of these handy pets could do with the addition of an opposable thumb? We know that Care2 members have especially extraordinary pets, and we want to know what special tricks your companions can perform. And tell us what you think they could achieve if they really did have opposable thumbs?!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Are dogs carnivorous or omnivorous ? The Encyclopedia Britannica states that dogs are indeed omnivorous, but there seems to be plenty on of debate about this. ( I`d love to hear your insights about this in the comments field.)
Anden Moore, author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book ( Storey, 2006 ), also states thatdogs are omnivores, and that they like a little variety on their diet and know the value of adding some green to the menu. Hello, grass.
Moore says that while some dogs eat grass and throw out afterward, some frequently do it and don`t throw up. They may simply like the taste and feel the need to add some roughage to their meals. This pertains more to those dogs that actually chew and swallow the grass blades thoroughly.
Grass can also act as a beautiful aid for dogs with upset stomachs who need to purge their systems. In that case, you might notice that they seem to amost gobble the grass without really chewing the blades. The prickly little staiks irritate their stomach linings and cause them to vomit. If this occurs only occasionally, let nature take it course. But if your dog is vomiting daily and not eating well, please consult your veternarian. There may be an underlying medical reason behind this behavior.
Grass is fine for dogs when it is free of pesticides, lawn chemicial, or other harmful subtances.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Can You Love Animals and Love People?

We're accused of caring for animals at the expense of caring for people, because our passion for animal issues allegedly detracts from all of the humans in need. But choosing to spend a Hallmark Holiday with your loyal nonhuman companion instead of your spouse isn't the same as turning your back on your own species.

Here are seven reasons why animal welfare is human welfare:

1) Animal abuse is never just animal abuse. It's an early indicator of child abuse, domestic violence, and other sociopathic behaviors. Not only is animal abuse a warning sign, but it's often directly used to threaten or intimidate a person, such as pets who are harmed as a form of psychological abuse in domestic violence situations.

2) Factory farming is a major contributor to climate change. Animal agriculture is responsible for as much as 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. A significant reduction in animal consumption and better conditions for the remaining farm animals will have a huge impact in stabilizing the climate, which (in case you missed it) affects the future of human civilization as we know it.

3) Animal testing is outdated. The sooner the scientific community stops re-creating ineffective, inhumane animal tests and starts investing in non-animal research methods, the sooner we'll have human-relevant results.

4) Pet owners are major players in the economy. A $45 billion industry is a big slice of the economy, and it's one that keeps growing. That means job security and community development. Pet consumers also have the purchase power to have a positive influence on the market, such as helping drive a green economy.

5) Protecting wildlife is protecting the planet. There's a certain balance to the world we inhabit, where predators and prey keep each other's population in balance, and natural areas (a.k.a. habitats) keep global warming and other natural disasters at bay. As we drive species to extinction, we lose a piece of what makes the world inhabitable for humans.

6) Animals are an important part of your community. Love 'em or hate 'em, your community is full of animals. Irresponsible pet owners are a drain on municipal budgets through animal control and a threat to public health with disease and dog bite risks. Ineffective laws, such as breed specific legislation, are costly to the community, in terms of both public health risks and finances. It's also expensive to care for animals in shelters. So, the advocates that push for responsible pet ownership and animal adoption are making your community a better place to live.

7) Animals make people happy. Companion animals have been proven to reduce stress and relieve depression. The role that pets play in happiness is more than just a matter of mood; it's about quality of life. Domestic violence victims will delay seeking help for fear of putting their pets in danger. When natural disaster strikes, restoring animals is a major step toward restoring lives, whether you're in New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina survivors needed the emotional support of their pets after losing their homes, or you're in Haiti, where earthquake victims rely on livestock for food and income.

Less Common Green Creatures

Red-Eye Tree Frog .
Groovy Green creatures :
Have you ever seen red eyes and orange toes frog ? If one of these nocturnal frogs is awakened during the day by the predator, the eyes boing open and the feet boing out of the predator is startled just long enough for the-as-lightening frog to boing right out reach .

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Variaties of Cats

Cats are cats, right?Cat do mostly look like the same but if you are choosing one for your pet, you should be aware that they do come.variations.Cool

The most ovious difference between cats is the length of their fur . The long haired cats do look soft and cuddly but if you do not like brushing and bathing cats, you will end with very sorry looking bundle of mats.

The extremely long haird varieties like the Persians are a lot of work and if you get a pure breed you need to look at hereditary problems.Sometimes they have breathing difficulities because of the shape of their faces .You will need to spend hours grooming them,too.

If you like the look of the long haired cats but do not want to spend as much time grooming them,you could get a medium length coated cats.Some cross breed cat have long hair in the winter and the short hair in the summer. They moult the long hair so you only need to brush them alot during the moulting seasons.Usually this in spring and autumm.

The short haired cats look sleeker and more streamlined. They are also easier to groom. You only have to give them a quick brush just over to catch any loose hair, before it ends up on the furniture.

The size and the body types of cats can vary from the sleek Oriental to the larger Maine Coons. some of the long haired breeds look larger than they are because of all the hair. Cats are generally aloof to strangers but they are variations in the breeds with personality as with size and hair types. The Orientals tend to be quite demanding at times and can be disconcerting with their distinctive yowl, to anyone unaccustomed to their ways. They are also the most loyal and love able cats, towards their owners, especially.

Rag dolls are very placid, laid back cats that will sit in your lap as long as you can put up with them. They are true indoor cats that can be playful but are usually sprawled out on a lap.

The short haired domestic cat is the most common type of cats. They are quite friendly, when they choose to be. They are inteligent and usually quite active. They have very few health problems and are easy to groom. They make great companions and take little effort to care for.

So, when looking for a cat you need to decide how much time you have for their coat, which shape appeals to you most and how time your cat will spend sleeping and playing with you.