Tuesday, February 1, 2011

List of Necessary Cat Grooming Supplies

Knowing the list of necessary cat grooming supplies can give you an advantage in taking care of your cat or kitten. You may have observed that cats like to lick their own bodies in an attempt to clean themselves. Spare your pet from this difficulty and failure of trying to clean themselves with the help of some grooming products intended for cats. Nowadays, not all cat cleaning tools can be found in a pet store so you might try looking for them online. There are so many of these cat supplies offered on the web that sometimes you may get confused which ones you really need to have. To help you identify those common tools used for grooming a feline, I made a list here of important cat grooming products along with their uses. Nail Cutters and Scissors Your cat's nails will get longer and sharp and so it's necessary to trim them off using nail cutters or scissors. Don't just use any ordinary nail clippers because they might hurt your pet. The ideal tools to use are those that come with guillotine-type of devices for trimming a feline's nail. Coat Brushes and Combs Though the primary purpose of using coat brushes is to smooth-out your cat's fur, it's also good in eliminating your pet's under coat. These pin brushes are especially made to let more air get into your kitty's coat, resulting in a thicker and fuller appearance. The kind of tool you'll use will vary on the length of your pet's hair. If it has short fur, you can use a slicker brush. On the other hand, long-haired cats will need wide toothed comb and narrow toothed comb. Mild Shampoo and Conditioner Despite the fact that cats are mammals that do not enjoy taking a bath, they still need bathing so they'll look and smell good. Include on your list of cat grooming supplies shampoo and conditioners made from mild, natural ingredients that will not hurt your pets eyes or ruin their coats. Cotton Balls To avoid your pet from getting any ear infections, you'll need to clean your cat's ears with clean cotton balls dabbed in an ear cleaning solution. Don't use cotton swabs since cats move a lot and these swabs may injure their ears. There are other grooming products you can use to make sure your beloved cat always looks clean and pretty. Just make sure you have all of the basic tools (mentioned above) to help you do the task properly and safely. Cleaning your cat will become easier and more enjoyable once you have your necessary cat grooming supplies by your side.