Thursday, May 19, 2011

Should we castration / spaying cats cation

Question ....
"I do not want castration / cation a cat because:
It is unfair if we mandulkan cats.
Cruel / ruthless if we mandulkan cats.

We've forfeited the right to reproduce
Cats will not be happy if you can not do sex.
Sin if we do it

I have my own Answer 
The above statement was one of several reasons / grounds on which of us do not want to spay a cat. There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of abandoned kittens are dumped on the market, restaurants, and other residential areas.
They are exposed to diseases such as ringworm, scabies, FLV and so forth. They meows at people passing by, asking for food. They are fighting among themselves when there are people throw leftovers in the soil.
We can see some big cats there are in a state of despair. One eye and nearly blind cuts, wounds on the body for fight or kicked by a man, leg-hencot terhencot as trampling, mouth slaver for gum disease and various other conditions.

These cats are in a state of misery, and the new kittens are born at this time will also suffer the same fate.
Say we have one female cat. He was able to
experience body heat every 2 weeks, and at this time he will seek a partner even though locked up in the house. If not sterilized, female cat can give birth to 3-5 times a year, and will give birth to 4-5 kittens each time.
We will have at least 24 new cats in the house during the 2 years.

Male cats have, will and must shine urine to demarcate the area, what if he entered the area at the neighboring car tires, flower pots and neighbors buy new shoes?
Finally, whether our angry neighbors, or we ourselves are not able to keep the cats will be brought to the market (which already have hundreds of abandoned cats) and removed in situ, so that the load is transferred to a shoulder problem dealers and customers there. Or, remove it also in other housing areas. These are the same as you throw your problem to another door!
This problem does not end that way. Cats that we throw at the market / food court / other residential areas that will remain to breed as they multiply in our house. And this problem goes back to the title
The difference is, now that we have listed us as a contributor to the problem.
Now ask yourself is, who is wrong / unfair / cruel / sin here?

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