Sunday, March 27, 2011


The skeletons of giraffe of ancient times go to show that their neck were short and not so long as you find them today. How have they become so long?
        The scientists think that the main nourishment of giraffe was the leaves of trees and it was on this that day survived. When they had consumed the leaves of all the trees, they started eating the branches of trees existing at greater heights. For this they had to stretch their necks to a great extent. Due to constant stretching of their necks, they became long. The giraffes having long necks gave birth to offspring having long necks thus possessing a long neck become hereditary characteristic of a giraffe. And now we see that the neck of a giraffe is so tall that it is not possessed by any other living being.

he example of the giraffe goes to prove that if we make efforts, we can increase the height of our body

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