Saturday, May 8, 2010


Are dogs carnivorous or omnivorous ? The Encyclopedia Britannica states that dogs are indeed omnivorous, but there seems to be plenty on of debate about this. ( I`d love to hear your insights about this in the comments field.)
Anden Moore, author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book ( Storey, 2006 ), also states thatdogs are omnivores, and that they like a little variety on their diet and know the value of adding some green to the menu. Hello, grass.
Moore says that while some dogs eat grass and throw out afterward, some frequently do it and don`t throw up. They may simply like the taste and feel the need to add some roughage to their meals. This pertains more to those dogs that actually chew and swallow the grass blades thoroughly.
Grass can also act as a beautiful aid for dogs with upset stomachs who need to purge their systems. In that case, you might notice that they seem to amost gobble the grass without really chewing the blades. The prickly little staiks irritate their stomach linings and cause them to vomit. If this occurs only occasionally, let nature take it course. But if your dog is vomiting daily and not eating well, please consult your veternarian. There may be an underlying medical reason behind this behavior.
Grass is fine for dogs when it is free of pesticides, lawn chemicial, or other harmful subtances.

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Let's Talk Money said...

Good advice for those who have pet dogs. I will share what I learned from my grannies why dogs and cats eat grass. According to them, cats and dogs eat grass to clean their stomach. It's their natural cleansing. I think it's also true because animals have instincts and thay know how to heal themselves. I also learned from somebody who know about herbal medicines that if a certain tree or plant in the forest have been eaten by animals especially the barks of any tree or plant, that means it's a medicine. I think this is true.